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Sheila Hammond is the female protagonist of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. The series begins the morning that she becomes undead. She lives in Santa Clarita with her husband Joel Hammond, and her daughter Abby Hammond, and is a realtor first for Cole Real Estate and later for Hammond Real Estate. She is portrayed by Drew Barrymore.


Sheila lives in suburban Santa Clarita, and at the beginning of the series, she lives next door to Lisa and Dan Palmer and their son Eric Bemis, as well as Alondra and Rick. She is employed as a realtor first by Coby Real Estate, and later works for her own company Hammond Real Estate, alongside her husband Joel.


Before her Undeath, Sheila was tense and insipid. She lived an unfulfilled suburban life, dreaming to be bold. After her metamorphosis, she becomes radically different. She loses her impulse control and starts preaching about doing whatever to her friends. Her romance with Joel kindles even more and she also becomes more compassionate.

Season 1:[]

The series opens with Sheila and Joel eating breakfast. Sheila is portrayed as self-conscious, timid, and shy, and openly wishes she were more interesting. She first starts feeling ill not long after this, but just brushes it off as a stomachache.

Later, while showing a house to some clients, she projectile-vomits all over the carpet, and then runs into the bathroom, where she continues to vomit, and then die. Joel finds her on the floor of the vomit-soaked bathroom, and begins to mourn her, when she suddenly wakes up. After a brief stint waiting at the ER, she insists that they return home. After a series of out-of-character behaviours, the Hammonds turn to their neighbour Eric Bemis, who diagnoses Sheila as undead.

Sheila heads out to a bar with some of the neighbourhood women, where she encounters co-worker Gary, who dances with her. She then returns home, where Gary attempts to rape her. Playing along, she seductively licks two of his fingers, and then suddenly bites them off, and proceeds to kill him and eat parts of his corpse.

After burying the remainder of Gary's corpse, Sheila finds that she can no longer eat raw animal meat, and suspects that once she has eaten human meat, she can't go back. Joel insists that they can't kill people, and the two try a variety of different things that may be able to satisfy her, to no avail. Finally, after almost 2 days without eating, Joel rear-ends another driver, her proceeds to verbally abuse the couple. In a rage, Sheila kills him, and the two decide that they will have to kill people.

Several days later, their neighbour Dan Palmer, who works as an LA County Sheriffs Deputy, while spraying their lawn for non-existent ants, finds one of Gary's fingers. He confronts Joel about it, and blackmails him into killing a criminal by the name of Loki. While they attempt to do so, Loki is able to escape, and only later do the two realise that not only did Sheila bite Loki, but they left their pen with all their contact details at Loki's apartment.

After feigning having killed Loki, Dan tasks the pair with killing another person, who he says is a sex trafficker. It turns out that the person is in fact Lisa's lover, and a good person. Joel confronts Dan about this, and after an argument, kills him with a shovel. Police descend, trying to find Dan when he turns up missing, and one of his co-workers, Anne Garcia, notes that they will be bringing in bloodhounds the next morning to help the search.

In a panic, Sheila attempts to eat Dan's entire body, so as to stop him from being found. She isn't able to finish him, and prepares to be arrested, when a plan is hatched by her daughter, Abby, in which Gary's finger is planted in a stash of incriminating evidence Dan has hidden in his house. When the cops find this, they assume that Dan has simply run off since all of his dirty dealings had finally caught up with him.

That night, while taking a bath, her toe falls off, and she realises that she is beginning to decompose. At this time, both she and Joel are also made aware that Loki is still alive, and after a brief investigation, find out that he too, is undead. They find him at a bar performing music, where Sheila reveals that she is decomposing.