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This page contains official Wiki policy

Welcome to the Editing Policies page. Below are a set of guidelines that layout the Wiki's standards of editing that must be adhered to.

Editing Guidelines

When editing on our Wiki, we like to refer to characters in third person and leave out any official titles. For example, we call Agent Tess Rogers just Tess Rogers. If you require any assistance, please contact an administrator.

Below are the official guidelines of the Wiki.

  1. All page edits should contain correct spelling and grammar.
  2. All content should be described in past-tense.
  3. We operate a facts-only rule. Speculation is not acceptable within articles on the Wiki
  4. Pages should not be created with only one or two sentences. Instead, users are encouraged to create the page under their own sandbox before publishing.
  5. Swearing is not permitted within articles.
  6. Where possible, articles should have at least one image of what the article is describing.
  7. Articles should be categorised accordingly.
  8. All editors are asked to use the "Edit summary" section before publishing an edit, this allows content reviewers to quickly be aware of what's changed.
  9. All editors are asked to use the "Preview" feature that allows you to see what changes will be made once the edit is submitted.
  10. We operate an achievement system on the Wiki that allows editors to win achievements based on their contribution to the Wiki, in order to prevent abuse of this system and to prevent unnecessary flooding of Special:RecentChanges, editors are asked to prevent making multiple edits to pages within a short period of time.


Vandalism of any kind is strictly prohibited. This includes defacing, blanking, knowingly inserting false information and uploading inappropriate content.

Vandalism constitutes a block on the Wiki, the length of which falls under administrative discretion.