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Gary West is a minor character on the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. He is portrayed by Nathan Fillon. Gary is another realtor and Sheila and Joel's co-worker/competitor in the business.


Gary attempts to blackmail and seduce Sheila Hammond before she kills and eats parts of him. Later in season 2 of the show, the location, where the Hammond's had dumped Gary's body, is about to be turned into a building plot, and so they have to excavate him again.

While moving Gary’s body from the spot, where they had initially buried him, Joel and Sheila hear him speak from his grave. Because Sheila did not kill his brain, he became undead, too. Sheila and Joel take his head home and keep him in the basement.

Gary then wants Joel and Sheila to give his niece, Kayla, the deed to his house in Michigan before they kill him. After doing this, he decided to stay undead, so they continued to keep him in their basement until they moved him into the storage unit, when they got a new storage unit specifically for killing. Later in the show, the Hammonds hired him for their realtor company as their first "employee".


  • Gary West was portrayed by Nathan Fillion and appeared in 6 episodes of the show.
So Then a Bat or a Monkey (2017)
Coyote in Yoga Pants (2018)
Moral Gray Area (2018)
The Queen of England (2018)
Going Pre-med (2018)
Halibut! (2018)
  • In Season 3, Gary West is portrayed by Alan Tudyk. At some point, Sheila and Joel forgot the serum, which keeps the undead from deteriorating (more). This way, Gary the head started to rot away (but only a little bit).
Knighttime (2019)
We Let People Die Every Day (2019)
More of a Cat Person (2019)
Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head (2019)
A Specific Form of Recklessness (2019)
Forever! (2019)
The Cult of Sheila (2019)