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Dan Palmer is a recurring character from the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. He is portrayed by Ricardo Antonio Chavira.


Dan Palmer was Lisa Palmer's husband, Eric Bemis' stepfather and neighbor of the Hammonds. He was a nosey middled-aged man who worked at the Los Angeles sheriff department. He was not very liked in the community and had a bad relationship with his step-son. Abby and Eric also find out that he was a crooked cop with stacks of money, drugs and weapons hidden in his garage.

Dan starts becoming suspicious of Sheila and Joel's activities and one day he finds a chopped finger belonging to Gary West, who Sheila killed. He blackmails Joel into killing searched criminals. Eventually, he threatens him to arrest Sheila and Joel hits him in the head with a shovel, just to be half eaten later by Sheila in an attempt to get rid of the body.


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