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Abby Hammond is the tritagonist of the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet. She is portrayed by Liv Hewson.

Abby is the only child of Joel Hammond and Sheila Hammond and is 16 years of age. Abby is known for her disobedience towards authoritative figures, which has shown throughout the series.

After Shelia ate some clams and became undead, Abby tried a lot to get involved in her parents activities, but Joel and Sheila tried their absolute best to "protect Abby" from their activities - wanting her to have an ordinary life.


Abby is a badass, powerful, sardonic women. She is a born fighter, knows how to use weapons and can get people weak and on the floor in a few seconds. Throughout the series, she handled her mother's mutation and cannibalism very well. She is not afraid to kill and maim people, just like Sheila, but she is not totally callous.

Abby will stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, like when a girl called Janie was being bullied by her ex-boyfriend and Abby slammed him with a lunch tray. By taking on the role of heir for her dad, she also shows great selflessness and courage and even willingness to handle hard situations. She is a major character in the series.


Abby is considered shy and socially awkward, and she struggles to make friends. Her next door neighbour, Eric Bemis, has become her closest friend and love interest. She clearly displays affection for Eric, but struggles to accept that she feels that way and often feels uncomfortable with any rumour that circulates that would indicate that way. In the Season 2 finale, she initiates a kiss with Eric due to the fact she thinks her family is leaving. After finding out her family is safe, she brushes it off, much to Eric's dismay. The two also blow up a fracking site together, causing them to grow closer as they try to cover up their act from the FBI..

However, in the season 3 finale "The Cult of Sheila," Abby comes to terms with her feelings for Eric and sneaks into his room one night. When Eric asks what's happening, she replies "I don't know. I thought maybe we could try and find out."she is 16 (17/18 season 3)

Knights of Serbia[]

Joel became a Knight of Serbia to prevent Sheila from being hunted. A condition to signing up with the Knights of Serbia, is that the heir must replace him in the event of his death/incapacity. Keen to ensure her mothers safety, and after a long time fighting to prove she was capable to her parents, Abby took on this responsibility!